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MANSHIGE Dinner Plan

Art Certificate holders Breakfast Plan

泉仙 精進朝食.jpg
泉仙 精進朝食.jpg

Breakfast Plan

Izusen serves delicious and delightfully presented full-course vegetarian meals with an emphasis on tofu in beautiful red lacquer bowls.
his is known as shojin ryori, or food fit for devotees in religious training, and refers to the Buddhist strictures against eating meat.
Start your day off Japanese-style, with a traditional Japanese breakfast. 

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Plan with dinner (kaiseki cuisine) of "Kyoto Manju"

We will deliver the banquet meal of "Kyo cuisine Manju", which is attended by Nishijin's husbands in Kyoto, to the townhouse.
It is a plan where you can enjoy your meal and the townhouse without worrying about the surroundings.
Plan 3 big points

1 [Kyoto Manju]
Deliciousness from Nishijin where Kyoto culture lives on.
Nishijin where the traditional culture of Kyoto is alive. Mr. Manju, a local husband is favored in Nishijin who tells me the time so far.

The third generation Keigo, who stands in Itaba with the second generation Kunikatsu Tamura, is a qualified Jr. Meister called "Vegetable Sommelier".
We go to the central market every morning to select safe, high-quality vegetables that are easy to understand. The most vigorous material at that time is plenty of power. A dish that carefully brings out the flavor of the dish without any extra effort conveys the hearts of chefs who appreciate the blessings of nature. Please feel the warm hospitality with a focus on "home of taste".

2 [Authentic Kaiseki at Machiya! ]
You can enjoy the taste of a long-established restaurant in a machiya.
We will deliver the food to the townhouse. Enjoy your meals and talks with your family and friends, who care about you, without worrying about your surroundings or the time of your return.
Enjoy the exceptional Kyoto time!

3 [Categories unique to Kyoto]
In Kyoto, the "catering" culture of restaurants has been passed down.
As the text suggests, the restaurant will ask you to "make" (make a dish) and "deliver".
Please enjoy the "traditional taste and service" inherited in Kyoto.

++ * Please bring your favorite alcohol and soft drinks (free of charge).
* If you need a wine glass, we will prepare it. Please speak in advance.

□ Dinner menu example [8 inch]
【sliced raw fish】
【Fried food】
[Vinegared food]

Machiya has
Sencha / Hojicha: "Marukyu Koyamaen" 's specialty tea leaf coffee: "Tamaya Coffee"' s specialty organically grown beans are available.

* We will arrange a restaurant after making a reservation.
Depending on the schedule, the restaurant's reservation may be filled.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but this reservation may be canceled or changed. Thank you for your understanding.

* It will be delivered from 2 people each.
* Since it is only delivered, the customer will be served.
* Delivery will be delivered to each townhouse around 18:30.
※ It will be delivered directly from the restaurant. Delivery time may be delayed due to traffic conditions. Thank you for your understanding.
* Our staff will come to collect the dishes after meals the next day, so please collect them in your townhouse.
* If you have any allergies, please let us know in advance.

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Art certificate holders breakfast plan

At this time, we have prepared only those who have passed the art test.
Please spend a special time together with your family or group.

◆ Plan benefits ◆
Izumisen Seijin Breakfast included

* Anyone in the accommodation group must pass the art examination.
* Please present your pass certificate (card) at check-in.
* Prepared for all guests (excluding children who use only futons and children who sleep in bed)

● Accommodation ※ Children under elementary school age will be free of charge.
* Up to 2 children per adult.
* Breakfast service under special plan is available only once per stay. There will be a charge from the second time. (2,500 yen / person)

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